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Description:  As Connecting Streams grows, so does the need for some of our staff team to have administrative help in place. The duties for this volunteer position vary; may include regular flexible-time tasks.

Currently Available

 Title: Administrative Assistant

Time: 5 to 10 hours per week, flexible


  • We are in need of someone with a strong commitment to the Vision and Mission of Connecting Streams to assist our Calgary Volunteer Coordinator.
  • This person will work closely with the Volunteer Coordinator in the screening and placement process of new volunteers for the Calgary area.
  • This position is well-suited to someone who:
    • has good oral and written communication skills,
    • has administrative and computer skills,
    • has good organizational skills,
    • has the ability to maintain confidentiality, and
    • is reliable and responsible.

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INTERESTED IN A TEAM BUT IT APPEARS THAT TEAM DOES NOT HAVE A NEED?  We have the potential to form new teams at some venues as volunteers come forward.

ARE YOU MUSICAL?  Several of our teams could use some who can play guitar or a keyboard.

CONTACT US so we can discuss options with you. 

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