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How to use the FACTS verses

Select the week-appropriate verses and open your Bible.
Read the Confession Verse and ask God to reveal anything that may be hindering you from hearing Him.  The Scripture verse itself may point that out.
Consider this from a personal and a corporate perspective and quickly confess, renounce and forsake all sin as He reveals.
There are times your one hour of prayer may be spent on when element more than another.
Never rush the work of God’s Spirit and how He is leading you to pray.
Always respond to the rhythms of His grace.
Read the Focus Verse out loud and then pray to invite God’s Holy Spirit to help you focus your prayer hour to the desires of God’s heart.
The Words of Scripture will align your thoughts and heart to His Spirit as you allow.
Express that process to God.
As you read the Thanksgiving Verse, begin to acknowledge God’s answers and give credit where credit is due.
Acknowledge out loud the challenges and difficulties that are part of your world by expressing them with a thankful trust in the One who is able.

“God, thank you for this unexpected news – you are greater and I trust you.”

Sometimes you may want to sing – do so!
Next read the Adoration Verse out loud.
Take turns to be intentional to express your appreciation of God by telling Him what about Him is highlighted for you in that verse.
Tell Him how that makes you feel.
Park here until you sense you are ready to move on.
Now as you read the Supplication Verse you are ready to begin declaring with authority and expectation into your domain of influence with a sensitivity to God’s purposes for people and circumstances.
Pray into the things you know and listen to the things you don’t know that God will reveal.
Move God’s hand by your faith.
This is where power is at work when two of you agree about anything.