Prayer Resources

FACTS Verses to Guide One Hour of Prayer each Week:  If you want to have effective, powerful conversations with God that result in breakthrough answers of prayer, it helps to become well acquainted with these essential “FACTS” or “ACTS” of prayer. They are invitations from God to cultivate and partner with Him in your mutual relationship and conversations.  You will fine tune your skills with regular practice.  We encourage that practice with one hour of prayer in a group each week.  Download & use FACTS Verses.

5 Effective Prayer Lessons: If you want to have effective, powerful conversations with God that result in breakthrough, you need to become well acquainted with the essentials of prayer.   Although prayer cannot be reduced to a formula, you need to understand the value of these fundamental principles of prayer.

Prepare your Heart for Effective Prayer:  Find a series of questions to help you think through areas of your life that may have roots of unwillingness or lack of belief. Follow this guide through the Bible to prepare your heart for effective prayer.

How to Spend a Day with the Lord:  Usually our days are filled with the demands of life crying for our attention; that’s why we need to plan personal retreat time to be with the Lord – to thank and worship him, to listen to him, to intercede for others, to lay your life and activities before him and let him give directions.

Prayer Walk Resources:  Seeing breakthrough for your city by planning and participating a prayer walk, October 29-31.