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Your Story Matters



There’s different kinds of testimonies.  But we’re told that Satan himself is defeated by the power of our testimony.  Rather than thinking of it as your testimony; the big story really it is an opportunity to share what Jesus is doing and has done in your life. Miracle, blessing, revelation, where He has moved things around, who He has put in your life, situations, things that have changed.

I always say that when God asks me to share my testimony He shows me the page I should use.  I’m 62 so I got a lot of pages in my book.  And so it is really important that you get those pages up in the front of your brain; ready.  But testimonies are just you saying what God’s done for you.  What/how God has changed your life.  How He has transformed you.

Is there anybody here who has struggled with anger?  Can you not share the difference that God’s made in your life just to let that anger go?  That there’s no room for that.  And how has that affected your life?  That’s a powerful testimony.  It’s about “Where does God want to use me?  Who does He want me to speak to?  And who should get the glory?”  Certainly not me.

Never underestimate the power of what the Spirit can speak through you.  Say “Lord, would you just open my eyes today to see whoever it is that you want to touch their lives through me? Would you just open my heart to know what to say and what to do?  Lord just use me.  I give to you my life today, again, that you would just direct my path.”

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  • TRAINER: Carrielynn Lund-staff, Edmonton

     SOURCE:  Volunteer Training Workshop (2017 03), Edmonton

    POSTED:  May 2017

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