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So, two years ago I wanted to just die, actually. I wanted to commit suicide because my life was not going the way it was supposed to be. And, I don’t know. Everything was going well before. I was successful. I was popular. I had a lot of friends, and I was performing well in everything I would do. But I don’t know. Something inside me, it didn’t work, and I began to feel depressed and alone and kind of abandoned by life, if I can say that? And yeah, well, my world was falling apart. And it was sad. I didn’t have hope. I didn’t know where to go, or…

And then a girl showed up in the cafeteria and I don’t know, She was so energetic and dynamic. And she was talking to me about Jesus and the gospel and what it means to read the Bible and she was thinking it was true. And I was really intrigued.

“Why do you think it is Christians don’t share this message with the rest of the world?”

I think one thing, they don’t understand that without God you are really lost. And we don’t have what you have. Maybe they think everybody has God in their life. And community. And hope and grace.  But we don’t!

People out there are lost and they don’t even know it. And they don’t know that there is something better, that you have!

We have a beautiful gift that we need to give people. So even if it’s a little seed that you can plant in one person. You never know. Maybe you will never know, but God will use it to grow that person and maybe she will become a Christian. She will know Jesus.

I don’t think it takes a special talent or something, because I don’t think I have special talent about talking about the gospel!  It’s just by the grace of God that we can do it.




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  •  SOURCE:  Power to Change – https://thelife.com/lord-help-me-see-the-lost

    POSTED:  Oct 2016


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