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What To Expect From Spirit-Filled Living





When we surrender, we begin to enjoy the intimacy that God wants for us to have with Him.

We begin to experience life and abundance.

We begin to have a sense of prayer just rising up in us. We desire to pray; we love to pray. We know His will. We are walking, praying together in His will.

We begin to experience faith in our lives.

The word of God comes alive to us and we love to read the word.

We sense God’s direction. We sense His presence and we hear His voice.

The abundant life offers us a place where we know that God is real and that God is actively involved in our lives.

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TAKE2 Videos by Trainer

  • TRAINER: Emmie Stanley, Langley

     SOURCE:  Power to Change (Global Learning Center)

    POSTED:  Oct 2016

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