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What Are You Praying For?





At the Break Forth conference in Edmonton this past January (i.e., Jan 2016), Lee Strobel, author of a number of books including the Case for Christ, mentioned something that impacted me deeply.

Imagine that Jesus appeared to you tonight in your room as you were praying and said to you, “I am going to answer all of the prayers that you have prayed over the past week.

I thought about the prayers that I had prayed over the past week. What would be the result of those answered prayers? Was I praying for significant things or are my prayers simply about the minutiae of daily life?

The question that Lee asked everyone was this: “If God today answered every prayer you prayed LAST WEEK, would there be anybody new in the Kingdom of God tomorrow?

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  • TRAINER: Rod Bergen, President-Power to Change

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    POSTED:  Oct 2016


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