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Wendy’s Voice – On Healers



Hi, my name is Wendy Sumner and I am a student in a Masters program in Applied Counselling.

While in Rwanda I was finishing a cross-cultural course in counselling, and I was in a session with my mentor who was teaching on forgiveness. And I was doing an exercise with her and the whole class on this forgiveness and became quite taken with it and emotionally involved with it.  I became teary in the session and it was a little bit embarrassing as I was towards the front of his class of forty students.

Afterwards one of the students came over to me and said to me, “Did you get one of our colds from Rwanda here because this is cold season?”

And I said, “No, I was taken with the class and I was struggling emotionally.”

And my mentor came to me and mentioned: We are all broken healers. None of us goes into what we do (the work that we do) as perfect – as completely whole.

We are all broken healers.  And yet it is not about our work (our perfectness) that God is looking for but it is in our brokenness that He takes us. And it is not about us; it’s all about Him.

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  • TRAINER: Wendy Sumner, RN (Diploma in Biblical Studies and Diploma in Nursing), pending Master’s certificate in Applied Counselling

     SOURCE:  Recorded for Volunteer Training Online

    POSTED:  May 2017

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