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Project Description

Welcome Home

– Newcomers To Canada (Intercultural)

General Resources

Why Jesus? —David Nasser

This is a great 4-week video series that takes a look at some tough questions people have about Jesus Christ. The application of this resource can be for just a one week viewing (i.e., if a participant is only there for one week of the study) but is best when viewed in full (i.e., if a participant is present for most or all of the series).


some volunteers may have access to RIGHTNOW MEDIA through their home church

Resources for Teaching English to Newcomers

Make or Do?

The two verbs “make” and “do are often confused. The meanings are similar, but different.

Direct translation causes further problems.  For example, when directly translating a Spanish speaker will say, “I need to take a decision.”

Start with the Teacher Notes & Lesson Ideas, and then decide which of the other materials are a good fit for your Welcome Home group.


MAKE or DO Teacher Notes & Lesson Ideas

MAKE or DO-Game 1-1 (2 per page)

MAKE or DO-Game 1-2 (large cards)

WHE-MAKE or DO-Fill in the Blanks

MAKE or DO-Writing

MAKE or DO-Chart

Subject Verb Agreement

This is a simple overview to help you field English Language Learner questions and error patterns.

It is important to understand and teach Subject Verb Agreement from a beginner level forward. Problems in this area are among the most common, even with advanced level learners.

This is an easy area in which to help English Language Learners make significant improvements in their spoken and written English.



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