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Unwanted Labels



I have the perspective, along with the other widows that volunteer with Widow to Widow, of being both an example of someone that Connecting Streams reaches out to and being a Connecting Streams volunteer. 

My life was “normal” – I grew up in a happy family, went to college, got married, together Glen and I raised 5 children, and parented 17 foster children for varying lengths of time. 

And in 2011, on September 17, a little after 8:00pm on Saturday night, my life changed. My Husband Glen died suddenly in a car accident.

It took a few days before I realized, that I now had a label [holding up a sign saying ‘Widow’]. I call it the “W” word.

There were those government forms where I now had to tick off that widow box. I didn’t like the word. I don’t like the label. Quite frankly, I don’t like being a widow.

But that makes me think that there must be lots of people out there, people like the ones Connecting Streams is reaching out to, that don’t like their labels either.

At W2W, it is our desire to provide a safe environment for widows to form friendships, encourage and mentor each other through the grief journey, and transition from mere survival to a new identity of thriving.

We strive to encourage widows to grow in their personal spiritual journeys and give them an opportunity to discover and experience a relationship with God.

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  • TRAINER: Rose Ann Mottet-W2W Volunteer Group Leader, EDM

     SOURCE:  Recorded for Celebration Event, May 2017

    POSTED:  Feb 2018

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