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She looked out her window at the stand of trees across the road. When she looked closely, she noticed that some of the trees were quite crooked. In fact, many of them were suckers; trees whose life was rooted in a larger, healthier tree. The original tree, now tall and strong, had been planted there years before. That first planted tree nourished the others and their presence had protected it.

The trees were a reminder of teams – for example, Jesus and the team that He chose. Not all on his team were spiritually tall and strong. Remember Peter? Peter denied Jesus when the pressure was on. We might consider him someone who wasn’t “solid in his faith”. But Jesus kept him. Jesus knew how His unmerited grace would shape Peter and under Jesus’ leadership Peter went on to have incredible influence.

On many teams, some are spiritually strong and tall and some aren’t. The first tree isn’t the whole forest and the Team Lead isn’t the whole team. Sometimes you might be tempted to think “Well as long as we have two, we can go into our venue.” Sometimes maybe you even think “Some of our team members aren’t that much help anyway. Our Team Lead will teach and that’s all we need.”

But is it? Should the Team Lead be the only one whose muscles are getting exercise? Each team member brings unique skills and gifting to the team and when each one comes prepared to contribute your team is stronger. Your team needs one another for mutual growth. So serve one another in humility, sharing responsibility and helping to equip one another.

Team members are the next leaders – in training to start new teams. Who knows where God may call you, or someone on your team, or Connecting Streams, next?

People need Jesus. Let’s prepare ourselves to take His light to as many as possible!


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  • TRAINER: Sandy Tower & L Falk – staff, Edmonton

     SOURCE:  Recorded for TAKE2

    POSTED:  Sep 2018

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