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The Power Of The Gospel – Al’s Story




I want to tell you about Al. Al is a professional in his life. He is one of our volunteers. He started as a volunteer, became a team leader. But I want to tell you about something that happened to him in the inner city.

On Sunday mornings he goes down to feed the homeless. And a guy came up to him and got right in his face and said, “We need to talk!”

He thought, “Oh my goodness! He’s going to beat me up.”

They sat down and the man started to pour out his heart. He said that he had lost his wife, he lost his daughter, and now he is estranged from his sister; they’re not in relationship. He said, “If you had a gun, I would beg you to shoot me.”

Al is having a conversation with the Lord and saying, “God this is way over my pay grade”.

And the Lord impressed on his heart “You’re right. It is over your pay grade, but it’s not over mine. Tell him that I love him.”

He thought, “Tell him you love him?” That seemed so trite in light of his circumstances, but he said to the guy, “Jesus loves you.”  And he offered to pray for him.

And so they prayed, and when they stopped praying, the man asked Al if he had a phone. And then he phoned up his sister and they reconciled on the phone.

Al turned to me and said, “You know what? I did not understand the power of the gospel until I gave it away.”



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  • TRAINER: Donna Mitchell, National Director

     SOURCE:  Power to Change,

    POSTED:  Jan 2017


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