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If I take this $50 bill and say to you, “What is it worth?” I think you’re going to tell me $50.  

Now if I fold it in half, what is it worth now?  Yes.  You’re right. $50.  

But if I take this $50 and I crumple it all up what’s it worth now?  $50

(spit) Wow.  What’s it worth?  $50.  I could even throw it on the floor; what is it worth?  $50.

I want you to see this as an example of your life.  Have you been put down?  Have you been called names?  Have you been rejected and maybe even spit upon?  Well I have news for you.  In spite of all these things, your value has not changed.  It was put in your body as it was formed in your mother’s womb.  It is part of you just like your blood.  Just like your bones.  Your value is innate, inborn, in you.  It’s part of every fibre of your being.

Sometimes you may say, “Well, it doesn’t feel that way.”   Our value is different than our sense of value.  Words that people say, the rejection that we go through, sticks to us and we have what we call labels. And that affects our sense of value.  But I have good news for you!  Those are false labels.  They’re not the truth.  And those false labels can be removed.  And you can walk in the truth and completely start to understand your sense of value in a whole new way.

So I have a challenge for you.  I want you to start by saying, “I have immense, incredible value.”  Speak the truth to yourself.  Let’s start right now.  Let’s hear you say “I have immense, incredible value.”  Speak it out loud to yourself and start telling yourself the truth.

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  • TRAINER: Deborah Lantier-staff team, Ottawa

     SOURCE:  Recorded for TAKE2

    POSTED:  Sep 2017

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