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Taking The Myth Out Of Leadership



When we look at the scriptures, the community of faith was all involved in building the Kingdom of God.

The community of faith is a place where we learn the gospel, to practice the truth.  We learn how to relate to each other and then, in turn now, we can go and proclaim the truth about Jesus Christ.

Which means that every single person in the body of Christ is implicated in taking that truth.  Nobody’s excluded.  We are implicated one way or another to the great commission of Jesus Christ.

In Exodus chapter 18 (you know the story – the story of Jethro – Moses’ father-in-law),  God calls Moses to be the leader of the people from the Egyptian bondage to a place where God wanted them to be.  Then his father-in-law saw all what Moses was doing. Then Jethro gives this advice and he says, “The work is too heavy for you.  You can not handle it alone.”

And that reminds me of the words of Jesus.  The harvest is so big!  There is so much out there to be done! And if we have that thinking that ministry is meant for specific people, we are mistaken because the harvest is so huge, that everybody is implicated within the body of Christ to be part of this harvest.

Then he (Jethro) says, “Listen now to me.  Teach them.  There are things they can learn from you.”

Now Moses has a plan what to do.  It is to mobilize the people to help him in the work.

Where did the people come from?

These are the very people who are standing in the line to see him because they had problems. And here Jethro is saying, “We send the people who are standing in the line.”

You will be so surprised.  They are the very people who are going to help you.

We are always looking for the perfect person but if I say, “No. Let me do it because they are going to make mistakes,” it doesn’t line up with scripture.

People come.  My work is just to make sure that they don’t go off theologically.

All believers are ministers.  Everybody has a story to tell.



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