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Staying on Track



Last summer I spent a lot of time just hanging out with God asking Him how best could we serve Him this year. What could we do differently that would really honor Him? 

The first thing that we began to implement differently this year than last is that we decided no more would we have one volunteer per small group. God never calls us to do things by ourselves. It’s always at least in twos. And so it was time to honoru that biblical standard. From now on, two leaders per small group. That’s it. Which meant, if there were three volunteers, we would only have one group. We still wouldn’t break up. We still wouldn’t break this new rule. 

And the other thing we implemented this year is: when the guards ask us how many ladies we’d like to have we don’t put a cap on it. We’re not putting a cap on God anymore. However many He calls, that’s who’s going to come. And it has been pretty amazing to watch God really bless our our obedience in wanting to follow Him.

I’ve seen our team grow. I have seen our team members grow personally, I have seen our team members grow spiritually, and it has been a beautiful sight to have a front row seat to that.

Bigger than that, we’ve seen the women get blessed even more. Because what happened is we actually haven’t even broken into small groups. It’s been one big group where we’ve been able to facilitate these conversations and themes come out of it and it’s amazing.

A word of caution though…There are some days that have been a little bit tough and in those days it’s really easy to want to revert back to old, more familiar, more comfortable ways (like breaking up into groups with just one leader or putting a cap on how many ladies are going to come. And that’s when we remind ourselves of kind of the deal we made with God at the beginning – to do this His way, the way He wanted.Because of that, this ministry has been really, really blessed. By staying the course and keeping on track.

So can I encourage you guys…just to check in with God? See if what you’re doing is how He wants you to do it. And if He asks you to change things up, just go for it. You’ll be so blessed because of it.

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  • TRAINER: Kathy Flett- Former Volunteer Team Leader, EDM

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    POSTED:  Jan 2018

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