Spiritual Warfare

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Spiritual Warfare



I’m going to talk to you about spiritual warfare.

Often in Connecting Streams we might think, as volunteers, spiritual warfare is something really weird, supernatural, demonic that happens to us. I want to tell you most of the spiritual warfare that happens in my life, when I’m doing ministry with Connecting Streams, is stuff that happens in my head.

For instance, because I work together with my wife in Welcome Home ministry and we often use our home, the greatest spiritual warfare I find is just conflict with my wife. We’ve been married 40 years; we actually do get along most of the time! But wow,  many days there is just kind of…  You know, when the Bible says, “Love is patient” –  that has kind of been a thing I’ve struggled with my whole life, so if Satan wants an area to get me, I become impatient.

And miscommunication. That’s another thing. Like, we usually understand each other but it is amazing, often on a Tuesday or Friday, when we’re doing our team ministries, how we miscommunicate.

And when I finally come to a point of realizing, “Oh my goodness! It’s me!  It’s not her as much as me.” And I begin to fix my attitude and I realize, “Today we’re planning on doing this ministry. That’s why we’re miscommunicating!”

Sometimes you can almost set the clock by when this is going to happen.

And then there are other things that can happen and they are what we call demonic distractions.

And I’m amazed at how you can do all kinds of stuff. You can play games, you can talk, you can visit, you can just be having a great time and the whole evening will go. But if you have set a time where you going to do, like our Discovery Bible Study or a spiritual part, you’re going to pray with someone, you’re going to read scripture…  I’m amazed at how often there is actual spiritual warfare that happens.

And I’ll give you an illustration.

The big spiritual warfare often is a feeling of, “Maybe we shouldn’t do this.”

Like I start to feel stupid about it or, “This is kind of lame,” and I actually feel like we shouldn’t do it.

I make myself often just hand out the scriptures we’re going to read and get started and do it, and often then when we do it I’m amazed that something does happen.


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