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As a society we’ve come to treat suffering in a similar way to how we respond to grieving and death. ‘If we look the other way, perhaps it’ll disappear.’ We attempt to manipulate suffering with a more upbeat attitude. We try to keep positive and look on the bright side. We want people to keep smiling amidst their agony.

When individuals are in the state of natural grieving we give them medication to mask the anguish. We rarely ask “Are you suffering?”. It would be more likely that we would say, “How are you coping?” “How are you adjusting?” We want to cheer people up; not witness the hardship. But the sufferer needs someone to acknowledge their pain.

It’s hard to listen to the stories of suffering. Deep suffering occurs when our life and our relationships change forever. Can we help others to acknowledge the suffering and the loss? I believe that as soon as we do this we are invited into a spiritual domain and the doors are thrown wide open.

As we journey with others in suffering there are five things I’d like to highlight:

“I don’t want to be anyone’s project.” I’ll never forget the look on his face. What was he telling me? “I want someone to know me just for me; not to try to fix me, but to see value in me as a person and care about my story.”

As we go to our places of influence, do we see others as projects? As assignments to be completed? Are we authentic in the offering of friendship and caring or is there an agenda that must be filled and the individual is incidental to the task?

People know. People can sense the sincerity that you offer. “Do I see others through Jesus’ eyes?”

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