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Hi everybody! Emily Lecerf here from our Connecting Streams team in Edmonton.  

I’d just like to share with you a story of something I’ve experienced in my own life and how it relates to ministry.  

I used to work at the Disney Store when I was going to the University, and at that time when I joined staff they were moving the store from upstairs in the mall to a different location. At the same time they were also changing the type of store that it was. So all of us on staff went for training for a few days on how to be a Disney Cast Member as they called us.

One day we were taken down to the store and taken behind the closed doors for the store that was still under construction but mostly completed. We were then asked to kneel down at the front of the store. What happened then was something that changed my life, not only on how I worked at that store but also how I see other things in my life.

See, when we knelt down at the front of the store, it allowed to see the store the way it was intended to be seen-from the eyes of a child-the way we would see the displays, the toys, the clothes, and all the interactive parts of the store.

Similarly, I think when we get down on our knees whether physically or metaphorically in prayer, it allows us to lay down our own views, our own vision, our own desires, and welcome the views of God. It allows us to view the world through in perspective, in the way that it was intended to be seen-through the eyes of God. So I want to challenge you today: is there a way that you need to be getting down on your knees with God, asking for a change of perspective. Whether, it is in ministry, life, family, friends, a circumstance, he will show you the way he sees the world and what he wants you to do with it.

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  • TRAINER: Emily Lecerf-staff team, Edmonton

     SOURCE:  Recorded for TAKE2

    POSTED:  Oct 2017

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  1. Kathy Short October 23, 2017 at 3:34 pm - Reply

    Thanks for that good word picture and reminder!!

    God bless you as you serve Him!

    Kathy Short

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