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And so when you think about “Our Father”, Our Father is not just a title but it’s an invitation to a relationship and my guess is that all of us in this room (maybe some more than others) have a father deficit in some way, because we didn’t grow up with perfect fathers. You know, there’s wounds, there’s lack of nurture. Sometimes it’s what your father did or what he didn’t do that can leave those wounds. And we all have needs that our earthly fathers just can’t meet.

In fact, I love in Sarah’s book “The Prayer About Prayers”, she uses this phrase that, “The Lord’s Prayer is an invitation to a world of orphans to come into relationship with the perfect Father.”

You know, there are things, wounds in our past, insecurities that have developed, nurture that’s been missing and He can touch those parts of us to bring us healing and wholeness and freedom and meet our deepest needs. And to think that He knows you completely, in all your sinfulness, all your immaturity, your insecurity, all the things that are out of alignment, but He still loves you. And He knows you completely.

But as we pray and draw close and learn about the Father’s heart he actually, slowly but surely, touches those parts, brings healing, brings us into alignment, reveals His will and just keeps drawing us in. You actually have nothing to prove; nothing to earn. But He is proud of being your Father.


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  • TRAINER: Donna Mitchell (CS Nat’l Director)

     SOURCE:  excerpt from P2C Chapel (2019 02)

    POSTED: Mar 2019

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