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My Best For Him



I love the Christmas season. I look forward to the festivities every year. Spending time with family and friends, finding the perfect gift for people that I love and, of course, celebrating the birth of Jesus.

Another part that I love is listening to Christmas music. And as I was listening this year, I was struck by a particular song in a bit of a different way. It’s a song that we all know and it’s been on the radio for years, sung by many different artists. The song is The Little Drummer Boy, which was actually originally called Carol of the Drum. It talks about the magi going to visit Jesus and this little boy is invited to come along with them. He sees that they are bringing gifts for Him and he considers, “What can I bring that’s fit for a king?”

But you know what? He takes something seemingly insignificant (like his drum) and says, “I will play for you. I will honour you as I play my drum.” And sure enough, baby Jesus smiles at him.

What stirred in my heart was realizing that we have been given much by God and though, at times, it may seem insignificant or unworthy, we have the opportunity to bring it as an offering of praise and of worship to Him. To bring honour to Him and glory to His name.

What I want to challenge you with (not just even in this Christmas season but all year round) is to consider: What has God given you via skills or resources or opportunities that you might be able to use to honor Him by doing your best? Just as the little drummer boy did when in playing his drum. He thought it was insignificant, but he did his best to play it and it brought honor to the Lord.


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  • TRAINER: Emily LeCerf – CS Staff, Edmonton

     SOURCE:  Recorded for TAKE2

    POSTED:  Dec 2018

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