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Made for Community



Never underestimate the value of community. 

Community is something that we know is important, but I think it’s easy to forget about the role that it plays in our lives and the role God intends for it to play in our lives. 

Community isn’t only about what we can receive from our community, but also what we can contribute to it, and both require courage and bravery sometimes.

I’d like to share a story with you that illustrates this.

A few weeks ago I was really worried about something. It was on my mind a lot, and I kept trying to not worry about it and trust the Lord for it and wait patiently, but it just was really hard. So I went to a staff meeting with this weighing on me and knowing that it would be about a week before I would receive any kind of answer that would help to let go of my worry.

One our other staff there shared a verse with us that morning. She said that the Lord had shared Romans 8:25 with her and she just thought that she would share it with us.

Romans 8:25, in the version that she read, said, “but if we look forward to something that we do not yet have, we must wait patiently and confidently.”

And those words are God speaking directly to me. He could not have chosen a verse that applied to me more than that one.

So not only did I receive exactly what I needed—a truth that I was able to hold onto for the rest of the week and it really did almost immediately alleviate all of my worry over this matter—but also, my friend, this other staff member, she contributed something to the community, something that she maybe didn’t think was very important, something that maybe she wondered if she should ever even share, but that was God speaking through her to me.

So I wanna encourage you to be in community first of all so that the Lord can use them in your life, but also you have so much to contribute to the lives of other people. So let us take courage when we feel that prompting from the Holy Spirit, and speak out when He lays something on our hearts.

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  • TRAINER: Tara Penner-staff team, EDM

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    POSTED:  Mar 2018

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