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Project Description

Life Of Jesus

Jesus Investigative Bible Study—CRU

This is a 5-week study that is designed to help a person learn what the Bible says about the person and works of Jesus Christ and lead them into a relationship with Him. The application of this resource can be for just a one-week study (i.e., if a participant is only there for one week of the study) but is best when studied in full (i.e., if a participant is present for most or all of the series).


Jesus Investigative Bible Study

The Messiah in the Bible

This video resource goes through who Jesus the Messiah is by looking at the messianic narrative throughout the Bible. The video begins with Adam and Eve, the reason for mankind needing a saviour, the foretelling of Christ’s coming, and ultimately what he did for as it is told in the New Testament. There are great questions under the video to use for group discussion.


RIGHT NOW MEDIA-Messiah note:  This requires a LOG IN. We are currently looking into options for our volunteers to access. In the meantime, some volunteers may have access available through their church.)

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