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Leading A Group


Guiding A Discussion

Provided by CRU, our Power to Change sister in the U.S., this document outlines how to effectively guide a discussion. It focuses on asking good questions and describes how different kinds of questions will elicit certain responses to help participants engage. Asking the right question can make a difference in facilitating a healthy, Christ-centred discussion.


CRU Guiding a Discussion

Leading A Group

This document from CRU, our Power to Change sister in the U.S., touches on the critical elements of how to lead a small group. It goes through group dynamics, asking the right questions, and engaging participants, all while considering your personal preparation and interaction with the group.


 CRU Leading a Small Group


This draws on the work of John Maxwell and explores one of the most difficult tasks facing leaders. This material will help you learn how to confront in a positive way and get your team to pull together.


 Confrontation-The Thing No One Wants To Do
 Confrontation-Bible Study  (print and fold)


When preparing for a leading a Bible study discussion, keep in mind who will be participating. It can be helpful to ask yourself these questions:

  • What are their comprehension capabilities?  (i.e., language barriers, education level, recent/long-term substance abuse, FASD, etc.)
  • What issues are they facing that we could address together?
  • How can I best engage them in the truth I want to convey?

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