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Kingdom Hearts



To really live the Kingdom, you have to work at it. And to discover that to love is not easy.

One day I asked a psychiatrist, “What is it that signifies the maturity of a human being?”

And he said, “Tenderness.”

Tenderness is the way to look at people without judging, to listen to people without judging, to touching them without judgment.

Not holding, because it’s never to possess people and that for everyone it’s here to just help people just have a… how precious they are as human beings. Because the heart of a human being is the deepest part – where we need to be loved and to love.

But this gets broken as we want more power. We have the culture and something that we’ve…  In some way, we no longer look at people with tenderness but we see their negative aspects before the positive aspects. So we are people who judge people, who think, “These are the good and those are the bad” but in the reality, God came and God sent His only beloved Son into the world not to judge people, not to condemn but to reveal to them that they are loved. And they are loved by God.

So, you see, as we enter into relation with someone, something happens. Something is changed within me. The one I thought had no value has become my friend. And it has helped them to discover: You are more beautiful than you dare believe.


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  • TRAINER: Jean Vanier

     SOURCE:  excerpted and used with permission of Wynn Productions (Jun/17)

    POSTED:  May 2019

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