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How To Teach The Spirit-Filled Life



Receiving the Spirit is a one time event.

Being filled with the Spirit is a moment by moment experience.

So in this illustration, if you notice, the circle represents the life; all those other circles represent all the things in your life (like your interests) and everything is kind of out of order.  Who’s the boss of that life?  We are.  So self is on the throne.  Christ is in the life.  That person is not Spirit-filled. They’re basically self-filled.

And so here is some of the evidences of a self-directed life:  ignorance of spiritual heritage, unbelief, disobedience, loss of love for God and for others, poor prayer life, no desire for God’s word, legalistic attitude, impure thoughts, jealousy, guilt, worry, discouragement, critical spirit, frustration, aimlessness. In the New Testament you’ll see whole lists of these things.

Then in contrast, here is the Spirit-filled life.  This life shows the circles of life.  Self you see as “S” is off the throne. The cross representing Jesus Christ is on the throne of the life; He is in charge.  So when He is in charge we walk in step with Him.  That’s a Spirit-filled  life. Obeys God, empowered by the Holy Spirit (you’re able to introduce others to Christ), effective prayer life, and begin to live God’s word.

So what keeps us from being filled?  Unforgiveness.  You can’t be Spirit-filled and be filled with unforgiveness.

And that is moment by moment dependence on the Holy Spirit.  We are going to hook being filled with the Spirit with:  “keeping on being filled” is keeping up your cell phone charge.  You know that you need to plug this in.  Try to keep it at full.

Don’t run out of forgiveness.  Don’t run out of peace, patience, joy.  All these things are the fruit of the Spirit.  They come from your abiding in Him.

Being filled with the Spirit is knowing Jesus.

When you think of being filled with the Spirit of Jesus what will you be like?  You’ll be like Jesus.

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  • TRAINER: Phil & Lorry Taylor-staff, Edmonton

     SOURCE:  Volunteer Training Workshop (2017 03), Edmonton

    POSTED:  May 2017

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  1. Pastor Tim February 17, 2019 at 2:25 pm - Reply

    Short and precise ….as Galatians 5:24 – those who belong to Christ have nailed the passions and desires of their sinful nature to His Cross and crucified them there.

    Thank you Bro Phil.

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