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How To Receive Power After They Steal Your Battery



TAKE 2 minutes FOR TRAINING – Part 1: How To Be Filled With The Spirit

TRANSCRIPT for How To Be Filled With The Spirit

This session is entitled How to Be Filled with the Spirit.

I think I was 19… I committed my life to Christ and I heard about being filled with the Spirit and knew I needed power in my life.  I knew I needed much more.  Had no idea  how to go about this.  And so I remember trying and… what we are going to share tonight is not trying to seek an experience instead of seeking God.

I remember praying, asking God to fill me with the spirit and it was like….ok….so whenever I sought an experience I was quite disappointed.

Every believer has the Spirit.  The transformation comes when you repent of your sin, when Christ comes into your life, you have the Holy Spirit.

“The wind blows wherever it pleases, you hear it’s sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it’s going.  So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit.”  You know what I’ve realized in my Christian life?  Now it’s been like forty years.  Many people try and script the wind. There are things you can do. You wanna get in the wind?  Go to Lethbridge.  So you can… you’ll step into what God is doing.  But whenever people try and script “this is how you get the wind”, “this is where the wind blows” and “this is how much it blows” and that; it doesn’t work.  Because it’s a constant reminder that being filled with the Spirit is something completely under God’s control.

Often we’re first born of the Spirit we’re still pretty much a lot like we were.  We sometimes still have a lot of the same bad habits.  We have not yet grown in character.

So this is the difference between what we say “positional” and then “experiential” ok?  So positionally we have the Holy Spirit.  Experientially we’re not filled with the Holy Spirit.  Because Jesus said what?  “By their fruit you’ll know them.”

So don’t worry, don’t feel bad. This is kinda what it means to be filled.  This is one illustration.  It means to allow the Holy Spirit to fill every area of your life.  But when you’re filled with the Holy Spirit it’s based on how you yield to him.  And as you yield to him he’s able to permeate every area of your life.


TAKE 2 minutes FOR TRAINING – Part 2: Sacred Pathways 

(based on the book Sacred Pathways by Gary Thomas)

TRANSCRIPT for Sacred Pathways

So there are different ways, there are spiritual pathways that are best suited to each believer. We are all different.

Find out which is the way that you best connect with Jesus.

Naturalists love God best outdoors. These people worship God in the midst of God’s creation. They celebrate His majesty and discover spiritual truths through nature.

And then there are the Sensates. These are the people that feel closest to God when they are in a service, or in a circumstance, that allow their senses to come to life.

There’s the Traditionalist. The Traditionalist loves ritual. They love routine. “Rituals and traditions move me more than anything else,” the Traditionalist says. They like a form of liturgy, a prayer book, and symbols.

Then there are the Ascetics. They love God in solitude and simplicity.

So you see it takes some time to figure out which ones you are. And you are more than one, often.

Activists love God through confrontation, fighting for godly principles and values. They worship through their dedication to, and participation in, God’s truth about social and evangelistic causes.

Then there are the Caregivers. These are like the Mother Teresa people. They see Jesus in the poor, in the lonely, in the prisoner, the people in the shelters, and that’s where they best connect with God, with the Holy Spirit.

Enthusiasts. They love God through mystery, celebration. These people worship with outward displays of passion and enthusiasm. They love God with gusto!

The Contemplative. This is where you really know that Jesus is your best friend. And you worship by your deep love, your intimacy. You have an active prayer life.

Then there are the Intellectuals. They absolutely need their brain stimulated. Constantly learning. Knowing. Sharing these truths.

So, here’s they key.  Everybody here has a cell phone? Do you plug it in every day?

What happens if you don’t plug it in? It runs out of power.

Figure out the ones that best help you recharge. Ask God to fill you. Get recharged.

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  • TRAINER: Phil & Lorraine Taylor-staff, Edmonton

     SOURCE:  Volunteer Training Workshop (2016 10), Edmonton

    POSTED:  Oct 2016


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