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How To Pray In Your Group



We make prayer so complicated and such a big deal that there are sometimes people (who have) been a Christian ten or twenty years and they still can’t pray out loud.  I had a guy come and he was in my house and he said, “I can’t pray.  I can’t pray out loud.”

And I said, “Okay. Close your eyes.  Say these words, ‘Oh God help me.’ Open your eyes. You just prayed out loud.”

When you are praying with new people, pray short.  Jesus also said that.  God’s in heaven and you’re on Earth so let your words be few.  For your Father knows what you need before you ask Him.

Okay; can everybody say this word? “Pass.”  Okay; you’re supposed to pray but you’re too nervous to pray so just say “pass” and look at the next person.  

Here’s another thing I tell them. You can pray in any language God can understand.  Everybody laughs.  But you know what?  In our house we get prayers in French and Arabic and some people think I’ve got to screen out everything.  Really? You’re God? God can deal with them.

Give people a chance to pray.  If you’re nervous about this think, “What did Jesus do?”  When he walked on Earth it wasn’t prayer.  People would just come up and ask Him, right?  Those weren’t Christians. So give people an opportunity.

Pray simple prayers.  If the first person prays a great big long prayer the rest will be too embarrassed to start praying their short little prayers so pray very simple, short prayers.  And don’t always say, “In Jesus name, Amen”  because I noticed then the whole group would say that and then the poor non-Christian – their prayer feels wrong.  So be careful of stuff like that.  

When you pray as a team in Connecting streams I would encourage you, if you haven’t been doing that, or if in every team there`s the one super-prayer person that always prays, don’t do that anymore.  

Teach them this. And then get everybody to start.  Give them an opportunity to pray.  If I’m here at your circle, I would say, “We’re going to pray.”  I don`t start.  And I would say, “We’re going to start here and go around” so everybody’s not wondering, “Oh? Is it my turn? Or am I going to…?”  We’re going to go around.  You’re going to pray or you can say pass.

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  1. Kathy Short September 11, 2017 at 11:18 am - Reply

    Thanks Laura! That was good. I tend to pray with and for my needy friends, but this is a good reminder to let them pray!!!

  2. Theresa Quann September 11, 2017 at 12:23 pm - Reply

    Great thought and teachings Phil!

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