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How To Be Continuously Filled With the Holy Spirit





We can receive the fulness of the Holy Spirit in our lives in the same way that we receive salvation, simply through faith.

In Ephesians 5:18 we are commanded, “Do not be drunk with wine but be filled with the Spirit.”

You see, God commands us. And what God commands us to do, He will answer those prayers when we ask.

So we need to ask ourselves some questions, “Am I truly ready to surrender to Christ?” “Am I ready to confess my sin?” And that sin includes acknowledging that it has been sin for me to be in control of my own life, to do my thoughts, my plans, my ways – that has been sin because God has a plan for me and He wants me to be in step with that plan. I need to confess that. Am I ready to confess that? And am I ready to give God complete control and be the One who calls the shots day by day in my life?

As we answer these questions with an absolute “yes” and we surrender our lives to Christ He will fill us as He has promised to do and we will begin to experience the things that He has planned for us.


Now that you have received God’s Spirit, how can you ensure that you will continue to walk in God’s Spirit day by day?  I’m going to tell you about something called spiritual breathing. Spiritual breathing is a wonderful word picture to help us understand how we can actually keep sin out of our lives and continue to be filled with God’s Spirit day by day.

First of all, EXHALE. We exhale, breathing out the bad, confessing the sin, thanking God for His forgiveness that came through Jesus Christ’s death on the cross.

After that we INHALE the good. We breathe in and we ask God once again to fill us with His Spirit.

And we can be sure at that point that we are forgiven and His Spirit is once again in control and as we continue then to read the Word, to be in prayer, He will continue to show us daily and lead us on, convicting us of sin and helping us to walk in deeper and deeper faith.

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  • TRAINER: Emmie Stanley, Langley

     SOURCE:  Power to Change (Global Learning Center)

    POSTED:  Oct 2016


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