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Hi everybody,

I wanted to share something that I learned in Bible college 30 years ago that I found so helpful; and I use it to this day.

It’s an outline that you can use for preparing a talk, or a lesson, or a  Bible study, and it’s called: Hook, Book, Look, Took. It’s taken from this book called Creative Bible Teaching. It’s not a fancy name but it’s a really helpful tool and so let me run through it.

The HOOK is basically to get people’s attention. You might use a question, or something to help them realize that they need to pay attention and this could be really helpful to their life.

And that should naturally lead into the BOOK. And the book time is – whether it’s a passage of scripture or a truth that you are trying to bring, you want to bring understanding. You want to help the people to understand what the truth is that you are trying to share.

And then the LOOK. And the look is taking that truth and then applying it in our lives, So again through dialogue, and questions, and illustrations, and stories, helping to take the truth for people to take a look at their life and how it can apply.

And then the TOOK. And that’s,  “How are they actually going to apply it?”  It’s the, “So what? If that’s the truth then what am I going to do about it?”

So, The HOOK, the BOOK, LOOK, and TOOK is an outline to help you – especially if you are planning a time together – and if you have those elements, then you are going to bring and focus on the things that you want to .

So, have a great week.


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