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What does it look like to see grace and truth in action?  

The gospel call on your life, if you are a Christ-follower, is to get into the trenches of people’s lives. To get up close, to feel and empathize their story, their frustrations, their hopes; for you to be vulnerable with your own short-comings and your own flaws, that you would leave with your own transparency. You’d be honest about the truth about yourself and not just speak truth about Jesus. Because when we do that, it allows trust to grow. It allows honest conversation to build and that is the habitat, that is the environment where grace and truth flourish.  

Some Christians that I know, think that the importance is just getting the truth out there. Just get the truth out there, I don’t care whether it’s on a billboard, or somebody on a street corner shouting, or if it’s on 140 characters or less and you do it in all caps—just get the truth out there. What’s important is that it gets out there. How it gets out there is not important.

I would say to you that that is emphatically wrong. God would say that is emphatically wrong.

You know how I know that? John chapter one.

God could have communicated truth, He could have delivered it from a distance, He could have like wrote it across the sky in such a way that’d cause us to all stop in our tracks and make us all feel puny and small and make Him seem big and glorious, and that is not the way God chose to bring truth into the world.

In fact, we read in John 1:14 these staggering words: “The Word became flesh. He made His dwelling among us. He came from the Father full of grace and truth.” When God delivers grace and truth, He does it by hand.

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  • TRAINER: Shawn Barden-pastor

     SOURCE:  Mountainside Community Church, Fernie BC (used and excerpted with permission)

    POSTED:  Nov 2017

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