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Going The Distance



This summer my wife and I were able to do something that we’d wanted to do for a long time and that is to walk the Camino de Santiago. It was an 800 km walk that we started in France, crossed the Pyrenees mountains and walked basically across Spain.

Someone asked me, “Would you do it again?” If I did, I’d pick a flatter country. It was really hard. There were a lot of hills. But the lesson I have for you that I like to share is about commitment.

Commit early. Like, make a commitment. As I thought about this, it seems ridiculous to walk 800 km! But I thought about, what if we hadn’t committed to walk the thing? What if we had gone there and said, “Let’s see how it goes?” We would have never done it. Like, the first day was so hard, I was sick then for five days, and then there were times when it rained for three weeks. But because we had made a commitment to do this walk, we would just get up in the morning, put on our packsacks (our backpacks) and no matter how we felt we’d start walking. But as we started and would walk, we’d actually feel better and as we went along it got easier and was better to do.

Like with Connecting Streams, we do Welcome Home and it doesn’t matter how we feel. Every week we have a group that meets in our home and we just do it! It’s like the Camino. What I want to encourage you guys with is just commit. Just make a commitment. Once you make a commitment… Jesus called people (He called his disciples) and He then immediately sent them out. That’s what Connecting Streams does. You make your commitment, we give you your basic training, and we send you out. And as you’re committed to do it, you end up getting the strength each day to do what you need to do. And you can end up doing a whole year of volunteering and it’ll just happen. But if you try to decide every week, “Well, do you think I’ll do this?”, you won’t get anywhere – either in the Camino or in volunteering or in life.


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  • TRAINER: Phil Taylor – staff, Edmonton

     SOURCE:  Recorded for TAKE2

    POSTED:  Sep 2018

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