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TAKE2 TRANSCRIPT – First Things First

When we look at ourselves as being the source of strength we will always have reason not to act, but when we look at God as the source of strength we will have every reason to move forward, and no relevant excuses.

Joshua led the Israelites into the promised land at 80 years old to conquer the giants.

Maybe God is bringing you to the Jordon and asking you to trust Him. Remember, the Jordon was at flood stage, so you don’t just see this little stream there. And God didn’t stop the water until they stepped into it. Where in ministry is God asking you to trust Him?

Remember, it isn’t about you. It’s about Him.

The enemy will always want you to look at yourself and your own ability. Or maybe the enemy will make the task seem so large that you believe it is impossible. Or maybe the enemy will draw your attention to various distractions – like you are too tired, your favourite TV show is on, or something else.

But you have to remember that Christ is our focus and it’s by God’s strength that we do things and not our own.

Many of us look at Matthew 28 and determine that our purpose is to go communicate the gospel to the world. While this is a good purpose, it is not our purpose as believers.

Ministry comes from our purpose and identity. Ministry is not our purpose and identity. Our purpose is to be transformed into the image of Jesus. Obedience to the gospel flows from that purpose.

Right relationship (with God) always has to come first.


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  • TRAINER: Bruce Walker

     SOURCE: Volunteer Training-EDM (Oct 2018)

    POSTED:  Oct 2018

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