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TAKE2 TRANSCRIPT – The Power Of Rest

The most important thing in our volunteer experience, and actually in our life, is our own personal walk with the Lord.

The president of Power to Change asked me to go to Germany to an international prayer gathering.

And then I found this profound call to rest. And I thought the LORD meant physical rest and I thought, “Right. I need to physically rest and be prepared to listen when I go.”

And I realized that there were things blocking my view of Him. I wasn’t seeing Him as clearly. And what I mean by that is the worries the troubles, the struggles, the vision. You know, my eyes as a leader… in some ways, I would spend time with the LORD every day but the LORD showed me that my eyes weren’t looking at him; my eyes were looking, you know, at all these other things, and it was distracting me.

As we were led in worship, then the LORD (for all of us) brought things to the surface that we needed to confess and humble ourselves before the LORD. As we did that, the freedom in worship came. The joy. The rest.

And I realized the rest wasn’t a physical rest He was calling me to. It was spiritual rest. Resting in Jesus and not striving in self-effort, in the things that are actually exhausting us. Because the Kingdom of God is not built with human hands. It’s built by the Spirit of God.

So He was calling all of us to abide; to rest – which is the precursor of fruitfulness.

So counter-intuitive.

And what the Lord really means by rest, is resting in what he has already done.

Resting in what he has done.

Aligning with his will.

And then He does His work through us.

We all realized together that more important than reaching people for Jesus is that we know Jesus intimately, and follow Him ourselves.


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  • TRAINER: Donna Mitchell-National Director, Connecting Streams

     SOURCE:  Volunteer Training-EDM (Oct 2018)

    POSTED:  Oct 2018

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