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What would our ministries look like if we really were fully courageous? If every one of us–not just the leaders, but every one of us–believed that God could change the world through us, and God can change Edmonton with this 10 of us or 15 of us in this room, and God can completely change Edmonton. And God can change the world. And that’s what I see when I read this. And so that’s what I want to remind us of. I just want us to leave this morning feeling strong; feeling powerful and not being scared.  

I didn’t have a Powerpoint but I brought a couple photos to show you. And so I wanna show you a photo. This is someone named Brian Shaw. Ok? So he is a 4 time “Strongest Man of the Year”. He’s a pretty big guy; probably pretty powerful. I have two more photos here and I want you guys to guess which of these two is his son. One guy here and the other guy there. (second person: I’m going with that one) Yep. I don’t think either of them is, they’re just pictures I pulled off the internet.  

The point is: Wouldn’t it be strange if you’re the Strongest Man in the World has just this scrawny, weak looking son? Wouldn’t you expect him to have powerful children as well? And the same way I think: Man if I believe that God created the Earth (and it says over there “In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth); If God spoke those into existence; if I believe that shouldn’t there be some power in me as well?

It’s like “That’s my Dad. Not only is that my Dad, that God actually lives inside of us through the Holy Spirit”.

In Second Timothy, Chapter 1, Verse 7
“God did not give us a spirit of fear or of timidity, but of power and of love and of self-discipline.”

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  • TRAINER: Nils Reuter

     SOURCE:  Volunteer Training Event, Edmonton

    POSTED:  Nov 2017

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