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Facilitating Small Groups




So in this session you’ll learn how to use our Connecting Streams’ Life Journey picture cards to get to know people and engage them in spiritual conversation.

We’re giving you one set of questions which are a way to describe your faith journey and a way to engage people in sharing the gospel. But if you have a set of cards like this you can write the questions. So we did this once for prayer. Like, “What would you need prayer for?”

It’s not a package in the sense that “this is it”.

And then what I’d also like to tell you, is you can put in some of the key cards that would lead to you sharing your story too.

But when you first start doing these cards what’s most important is being Christ-like. And when you look at what Jesus did, He was on the earth 30 years. He ministered for three, right? Public ministry.  And, it kind of gives you the right to be heard when you listen to other people.

Everybody loves to talk about themselves.

Imagine that you are doing this with a non-Christian person. And you say,  “I have some cards that help people share their life journey. Would you be interested in doing this with me?”

And they say, “What’s it about?”

And you say, “Well, look. Here’s the first question. Which three images would you choose to best describe what your life is like right now?” All you do is do that and they’re into it. And then you just take it a question at a time.

If you are doing this as a way to share the gospel, or try to share the gospel, it’s based on them. That’s something you learn about Jesus. Jesus gave as much as people responded to and wanted to receive.

And when you do it right and show love to them, and that, guess what happens often?  When you get down to here: “What’s your journey been like?”, guess what often happens?  They say, “Well what about you?”

And then just go as far as they are open to.

(groups working on the questions)

Brainstorm together. Write down a couple of questions that could be used with the cards. Think of a particular group; it could be one or two questions.

All you need to do is have the questions.

These things are… just pictures.

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  • TRAINER: Lorraine & Phil Taylor-staff, Edmonton

     SOURCE:  Volunteer Training Workshop (2016 10), Edmonton

    POSTED:  Feb 2017


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