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Evangelizing Yourself



But somewhere along the way when we’re following Jesus we encounter this word out of His mouth, “Go.”

“Now you’ve been made a disciple. It’s made your life better. I want you to share that with other people. I want you to make disciples.”

A lot of Jesus’ followers just say, “Forget it. You know I’m not really doing that.”

“See if it feels weird I don’t like it.”

“It makes my relationships awkward so forget it.”

“You know I like the idea of people coming to Jesus but I don’t really want to engage in it myself.”

In Jonah, he forgot that he only knew God because of God’s grace.

Grace is when you’ve done enough harm to other people that all you deserve is punishment.

It’s up to God – He can give grace to people when they don’t deserve it. And who He wants to do that for is up to Him because He’s God. So it’s not up to me to decide who gets saved or who doesn’t get saved or who gets grace or who doesn’t get grace.

Jonah’s objection to sharing the Good News was removed by re-experiencing the Good News. He needed to be evangelized by God; remember what the Good News was before his objection to sharing it could go away. And like Jonah we don’t want to share the Good News because we’ve forgotten it.

Think about that. When we don’t want to pressure people (why do we feel we need to pressure people?). You know maybe we’ve forgotten that it was God that pursued us; that the people that told us about God didn’t pressure us and make us clinch up, you know, some deal and force us to believe in it. Is that where our relationship with God came from? Or did Jesus pursue you? Does He love you? Did He try to reach you through people that love Him?

We don’t want to be preachy or self-righteous. How can you be self-righteous about news that says that you are so lost and so far from God that your only hope is the death of someone else to pay for your sins? How can you be self-righteous about that unless you’ve forgotten that you’re the first recipient of that grace?

So experiencing the gospel should keep you, by definition, from being self-righteous with anyone because you admit that you are the chief of sinners.

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  • TRAINER: Matthew Koleba, Pastor

     SOURCE:  Mountainside Community Church, Fernie BC

    POSTED:  Apr 2018

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