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Don’t Feed The Wild Animals



When we go to the mountains, we are told, ‘Don’t feed the wild animals’. The reason for this is that wild animals have an inborn fear of humans –  recognizing them as an authority.

When you feed a wild animal, you create a familiarity with that wild creature that breaks down their sense of fear. Ultimately, that absence of fear makes humans vulnerable to attack because the animal no longer stays away in fear but learns that it can approach. In the end, a wild animal is a wild animal and it will harm or even kill.

When you walk in an area with wild animals, in order to help you stay safe, travel in groups and talk or sing loudly together.

The same is true of Christ-followers and our spiritual enemy. As believers the Spirit of Christ lives within us – this same Jesus who the Bible calls the Lion of Judah lives within us!

Satan and his band innately understand that this is a power to be feared – Jesus Christ has complete authority over him.

When we ‘feed’ the evil one – i.e., when we dabble in sin, tolerate it, or repeatedly allow it to come near – maybe that is through permitting in our lives things like jealousy, or selfish ambition, or gossip, or a lack of self-control… whatever sins we ‘tolerate’ or ‘foster’ or even enjoy – we are teaching the enemy not to fear us. 

We are not unleashing the authority and the power of the Lion on Judah on the enemy. And the less he fears us, the more opportunities he has to harm us. And ultimately to destroy us.

And so… like hikers in the mountains,we need to stop feeding the wild animals.  And we need to band together with other believers and boldly declare, “The Lion of Judah has overcome!  The Lion of Judah overcomes! The Lion of Judah will overcome!”   

Don’t you love that image?  I picture a team of believers standing together on the path with the roaring and enormous head of the beautifully powerful Lion of Judah rising above them, roaring His fury and authority at the enemy reminding him to keep his distance.

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  • TRAINER: L Falk (staff, EDM); original story from another source (credit not yet available)

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    POSTED:  Oct 2017

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  1. Margaret Johnston October 16, 2017 at 12:51 pm - Reply

    I love this analogy. Thanks for creating this video, Laura!

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