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Discovery Bible Study



A simple but revolutionary way of doing small groups is sweeping the world.  The Disciple Making Movement (DMM) is a modern day phenomenon, but it really is just a return to the principles Jesus taught 2000 years ago.  It’s a combination of several principles and methods but the heart of this method is based on teaching disciples to obey everything Jesus has commanded.

So, we’re going to go through this…

First there’s the opening questions.  And it says, “What are you thankful this week?”  So that’s what you gather…we usually…you know…you visit, you talk, there’s a secular part, you’re just chatting.  Then what’s a good transition?  So to draw people in (this works so good), instead of “What’s wrong with Trump?” or something like that, you know, (hey good transition, right?). So, “What are you thankful for this week?”  And so it gets people in the right frame of mind because when we have an attitude of gratitude God is more able to work in our hearts, right?  And so it’s really neat how that happens.  “What are you thankful for?”  So you’re going to get to do that.

Then, “What’s a challenge you’re facing?” and “What is some way our group can help?”  People can give and serve and help each other in this. And the next questions are (the accountability questions that you see), “With whom did you share what you learned last week?” and “How did it go with your ‘I will’ statements?”  Well the first one, you won’t have that so that will be the second week but once you get started…

Then you get into the Bible discovery.  And all you do is you pick a passage of scripture and you just read it together (and often we take turns reading) and then you just try and retell it in your own words.  Understand “What did it say at the time?” and now “What’s it saying to us?”; “How do we apply it?”  And here’s the most important thing… who ever is facilitating, this is the hardest thing to do (and it takes time to do this),  it’s every person will end up crafting a statement “I will….”  Like, what did you learn in this passage?

So as you do these studies, there’s an opportunity for prayer.  And it often comes with “What are you thankful for this week?” and then “What is a challenge you’re facing?”  Well you’re not going to go out and just be giving money all the time or something.  If you can give money, good for you.  But a lot of times this leads to things that we need spiritual.  We’re a spiritual group so it leads to prayer.

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  • TRAINER: Phil Taylor-staff team, Edmonton

     SOURCE:  Volunteer Training Workshop (2018 03), Edmonton

    POSTED:  Apr 2018

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