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Concentric Circles



Maybe you can relate to having the desire to pray more consistently but also struggling and feeling overwhelmed at the volume of things to pray for. If that describes where you’re at right now, you may find it helpful to take some time to intentionally plan out your prayer life. 

Now there are plenty of different ways you can approach this, but I wanna share one tool that I use in hopes that it might be helpful for some of you. 

I call this praying in concentric circles and it’s a framework and a name that I’ve borrowed and adapted from others. Think of the ripple effect that caused by dropping a stone into a pool of water. Each ripple is a different category of prayer and each day I focus on my time of prayer on just one of these categories, starting from the centre and then moving out from there as the week goes on.

Just as each circle is larger than the one before it, so also the scope of each category grows with each passing day.

So here’s what my plan looks like for 2018. I begin on Mondays by praying for my own personal life and walk with the Lord. On Tuesdays I would widen that scope by praying for my family. In turn, on Wednesdays I pray for my local church, pastors, and other brothers and sisters in Christ.

Thursdays are devoted to praying for my unbelieving friends and Fridays focus on the broader community, including the leaders of my city, province, and nation.

On Saturdays I pray for global missions, missionaries, and the Church as a whole. And Sundays, well, Sundays are a bit of a wildcard. I might choose to spend them in silent meditation to see how the Spirit leads me to pray.

I found that organizing my prayer like this has made me feel less overwhelmed and more focused when I take time to pray. Now of course there may be things I pray on a daily basis or weeks where it makes more sense to rearrange these categories. The goal is not to be controlled but rather help and guide by this framework.

By definition, Concentric Circles are those that share a common centre, and in this case the centre point of prayer is worship. Its easy to become overwhelmed by prayer when we treat it exclusively or even primarily as a way of dumping our specific needs or requests on God.

Instead, we need to remember that prayer is first and foremost an act of worship in which we endeavor to come into God’s presence to confess our dependence on him and to adore him for who he is.

For this reason, I try to begin each time of prayer by simply worshipping the Lord and exalting in his character. And to be honest, my richest experiences of prayer have been those when I actually don’t move past this part, where the whole time is simply spent rejoicing in the Lord.

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