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It was neat to see, over time, the “God at Work” points. Where we, first of all we saw it in the Mom who was the major burden-bearer for the family. She told us one day that she had seen Jesus in a dream and that He was holding her children in her arms and that they were going to be okay. It was really neat to see that happening here in Canada because I’d heard it around the world – where people have dreams of Jesus – and then they start to pursue Him and come into relationship with Him. But to see it here was really nice.

Working together as a team was amazing and, I think, necessary. First of all, we need each other for prayer. We needed to support each other in prayer. I found that we all had different relationships with different people in the group at different times. And there was some strength that came out of that where they were able to ask the questions or talk to them in a way that maybe the other person wouldn’t have been able to.

Also some were, like, the fun ones in the group and some related to the smaller son better… the team approach was really great. Our setup (the schedule) was that we would pray ahead of time. It didn’t always work but we certainly felt the need for it. I know that not every evening was as productive as the other. We were very sensitive to the fact that prayer was necessary.

I would say there’s no way that we could have expected to get as far with the message of the gospel and with them understanding Jesus as we did. I feel like we really just showed up alongside what God was already doing in their lives. It wasn’t that, you know, our particular participation was the thing that caused it, but that the Holy Spirit was at work in their lives already and we came alongside that and were able to input along with whatever else the God was doing in their life. And the Holy Spirit helped to draw them a bit closer to Jesus.

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  • TRAINER: Deb Lowrie – Volunteer

     SOURCE:  Celebration Event EDM (2018 05)

    POSTED:  May 2018

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