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I was at a dinner party a little while ago and a man leaned over the table and he said “What’s the key thing that you have learned reaching out to society’s marginalized?” and, without even thinking, my answer was “posture”.

So let me unpack that for you, as I did for him. What I mean my “posture” is not straighten your back and put your shoulders back and lift your chin. What I mean is the inner attitude of who we are. Where’s our mind and our thoughts? What’s the posture of our heart? And how it affects everything. It affects our posture before God. Remembering that it’s His kingdom. He’s the one that has the power to change people’s lives. He’s the gospel; we aren’t.

Second is the posture we have towards our teammates. When we come with the right posture we learn from one another, we defer to one another, we work as a team; we show up and give it our best. We’re part of a team and our gifts are unique.

And then, ultimately it’s our posture before those we’re trying to reach. The people who are in distress or they’re lonely or they’re afraid. Or they’re hurting more than they’ve ever have in their lives. They pick when we come across when we come across as proud or arrogant or condescending. Remember Jesus and his posture. He said “I am gentle and humble at heart.” and in John 5 He said that He could actually do nothing apart from His Father. He did what the Father told Him to do. And then He was more concerned about the Father’s will than His own. In fact, in John 14:31 Jesus says the world must learn “I love my Father and I do exactly what my Father tells me to do”.

So check your posture before God, before each other, and especially before those who you’re trying to reach.


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  • TRAINER: Donna Mitchell-CS Nat’l Director

     SOURCE:  Recorded for TAKE2

    POSTED:  Sep 2018

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