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Change My Heart



My name is Lorraine Taylor

I’ve had a recurring dream ever since I was a teenager and that was to have a house of peace. And I longed for a place where anyone could come in and it would be good for you. Good for your soul. Over the years, we’ve had hundreds of people come through the doors of our home, but in this last few years things really began to change in my life. I suffered a lot of losses and a lot of great disappointments, and I didn’t realize this was really changing me. I thought I could go through the motions. Still have people in; no big deal. It appeared I still had this gift of hospitality (but) inside I was counting down the hours, the minutes, to when they would actually leave my home.

So what do you do? You’re in a ministry called Welcome Home; you’re supposed to invite all these people into your home, but I didn’t even have energy anymore. I was very guarded. I didn’t want to let people into my life anymore. So why would I want to let them into my door? But this is the ministry that I was in. What do you do? You pray. And my prayer was very simple. “Change my heart God.”

I wanted to be able to serve out of love. Tuesday came. So the doorbell is constantly ringing and you know what, it didn’t irritate me. And I began to notice there was a difference. God had literally done a miracle. God is so good. He just put back in my heart what I’d always had before. God has shown me I really can do all things through Christ through a simple prayer. “Change my heart God.”


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  • TRAINER: Lorraine Taylor – CS Staff, Edmonton

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    POSTED:  Feb 2019

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