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Are You All In?



Have you ever been a member of a sports team?  

If you have, then you would understand the importance of teamwork.  

My favourite team sport is soccer–in Scotland we call it football.

Through experience, I’ve learned that to be successful on the field and to win the game, I need all my teammates showing up and fulfilling their respective roles.

If we become shorthanded, then the competition exploits that vulnerability and the burden for winning the game falls on the remaining players.

Inevitably, if this trend continues the resolve turns to apathy and their apathy to complete disengagement.

Complete engagement or being “all in” is crucial to winning the game.

Being all in is even more important for team synergy when we consider our respective volunteer outreach teams. Again, through experience I’ve learned that to be successful and achieve our common goal, I need all my volunteer teammates showing up and fulfilling their respective roles.

In the mission field – like the sports field – being all in is non-negotiable and necessary to achieving team success. If the team becomes consistently short-handed, the enemy exploits the engaging teammates who bear the responsibility of achieving the team’s goal.

The resolve of engaging teammates evolves into apathy and then again into complete disengagement.

Jesus reminds us that we are God’s team of labourers, so we need to get in the game. Pray for one another, encourage one another, and be accountable to one another. Let’s faithfully labour together, celebrate the journey and the successes together.

Now, are you all in?

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  • TRAINER: Allan Mitchell-Volunteer Team Leader, EDM

     SOURCE:  Recorded for TAKE2

    POSTED:  Nov 2017

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  1. Philip Taylor November 27, 2017 at 11:53 am - Reply

    Having just seen the underdog team Toronto defeat Calgary in the Grey Cup this was such a powerful reminder of how a team who is all in can win. Toronto looked defeated but they never gave up and they ended up winning. All of their ordinary guys pulled together and won. I know how much it discourages me when we had volunteers who just showed up when they felt like it. We couldn’t gain any momentum. Now we have more committed volunteers in our Welcome Home ministry and we are thriving.

  2. Pastor Tim February 17, 2019 at 2:45 pm - Reply

    Shalom. In any sport team, if you are not available to engage with the rest of the team members for regular field practices, camp meetings, and team bonding activities, you can never make it to the final team’s list. The term availability requires discipline which is crucial to been a laborer for Christ Jesus, and to achieving team success on His field.

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