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Anna’s Voice – On The Holy Spirit




So, I was doing a Lord of the Rings marathon this week with my youth group and for 12 hours we watched all of them in one sitting. And every time I see it, I love more and more the character of Sam.

The thing that struck me this time is how he can be compared to the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit’s role in our lives, and to be able to have this person, this character, this idea of… like, the Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit grieves over our sin, the Bible tells us the Holy Spirit is a comforter, the Bible tells us that the Holy Spirit is convicting the world in regards to sin, that the Holy Spirit is raging in the world, that the Holy Spirit lives in in us and walks alongside of us and reminds us of the words of Christ and all those things are very…  not human, in the sense that the Holy Spirit is a human – but there is a person, that He is a person of God, not an it, not a power, not a force not something we should channel. And having that character that walks alongside Frodo and truly grieves over the burden that Frodo carries, and pushes him towards the end goal.

When they are standing at Mt. Doom and Sam is just crying out for Frodo to let go of the thing that is consuming him, to get rid of it. And that role in his life, but then also, this beautiful step by step aspect.

There is this one moment where Sam and Frodo are standing on the top of a hill and they look and Mt. Doom is still far away and they still have to cross all these Orcs, and Sam says, “For starters, let’s just get down this hill.”

And I love that idea – that the Holy Spirit who can stand with us in the midst of our sin and our struggle, when our weight is so so much, and can just say, “Hey, let’s get down this hill. I’ll do it with you, and I’ll come alongside you, and we can do this together.”

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  • TRAINER: Anna Page – Youth Group Leader, Edmonton

     SOURCE:  Recorded for Volunteer Training Online

    POSTED:  Jan 2017


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