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Conversation Cafe

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What Is It?

Unlike a coffee shop business, a Conversation Cafe is a meeting where people who are new to Canada can practice their spoken English. Many people who move to Canada take English classes, but have a hard time speaking English comfortably. The Conversation Cafe can give you an opportunity to speak with Canadians who are patient and want to help you learn! We have three Conversation Cafes in Edmonton, with more starting up in Regina, and Iqaluit!

Every week, we talk about a different topic. Many different topics are covered, like food, stress, and holidays! After reading and answering questions about the topic, we discuss a scripture from the Bible that relates to the topic. At the end of the Cafe, we discuss idioms that apply to the topic. Idioms can be very confusing in a conversation, so we talk about some every week!

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More Than Conversation

A Conversation Cafe is not just a class where newcomers to Canada can learn English; we also have snacks! But more than that, our volunteers are caring people who love their students. Many people who attend a Conversation Cafe become friends with the volunteers and the other students.

Moving to a new country is very difficult, and can be very lonely. The Conversation Cafe seeks to help people who are struggling become connected with people who care about them. We also have events outside of our meetings, where you can freely talk with your new friends, and often eat a meal together.

Find a Conversation Cafe

Calvary Community Church

Thursdays from 9:00am till 10:30am, at 8704 Mill Woods Rd NW Edmonton, AB

Millbourne Community Life Centre

Saturdays from 10:00am till 11:30am, at 2101 Millbourne Rd W. NW Edmonton, AB

Central Baptist South

Saturdays from 10:00am till 11:30am, at 4357 Savaryn Dr. SW Edmonton, AB

Lessons and Resources

Student Testimonials

“Through the Conversation Cafe, I can make good relationships with other people. I make lots of friends. In addition, I can practice my English. I talk with people about various topics and it helps me to improve English. I really love to join the Conversation Cafe.”

“I have work in (a) Korean office, so I don’t have any chance to use English and meet a Canadian… Talking with you in English even once a week is very helpful to me.”

“Conversation Cafe has allowed me to (make) new friends and has helped me improve my English as well. It is very encouraging.”

“I love Conversation Cafe. I get to meet so many people. I get to share the love of Jesus, and fill my home with beautiful people.”

If you have any questions about Conversation Cafe, or you would like to know more, please email Phil at: phil.taylor@connectingstreams.com