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The Greatest Story of Hope Ever Told

The empty tomb, unbelief, fear and doubt looming over the apostles as they attempt to understand what had happened. Their Teacher was crucified. He died and they buried Him and with it their hopes, dreams and plans…and now His body is gone…

There was a sense of uncertainty as they attempted to think of their future while navigating the intense grief at the loss of their Friend.

It is fair to say that today we are in an intense time of uncertainty? The COVID-19 crisis might be seen a little like the situation that the apostles experienced after Jesus’ death, before He had risen. What is normal, and how will our new norm unfold? This is our current reality. However just like the empty tomb, we know that there is a risen Saviour who is there for us. Our hope and faith are in Him. Realistically we cannot fully grasp what it will mean as we all adjust, however one thing we can be confident in — Jesus has risen! He is still on the throne and there is victory! Keep our eyes focused on our risen Savior. He promises peace that surpasses all understanding and joy amidst the turmoil.

This Easter, our Good Friday & Resurrection Sunday will be celebrated in the quiet of our homes, with the help of technology and live streaming in from our churches.

May each of you experience the glory of His presence in a new and personal way.

I  encourage you to spend more time in personal prayer and reading the Bible.

I pray you and your family will remain healthy and filled anew with His Spirit.

Happy Easter

God Bless you

Stay healthy,


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