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20 20 Vision in 2020

As we settle into 2020, I am impressed by the enthusiasm within the church with respect to this actually being 2020 – likening it to 20 20 vision.

A time to see clearly as Jesus sees and risk embracing the adventure of inviting others to surrender to Him as their Lord. What does this look like?

As Connecting Streams volunteers and donors, it is quite simply being part of “mobilizing the local church” and bringing Jesus to those who society considers marginalized. Our Teams of committed volunteers are doing a wonderful job of the latter. We experience the joy of being blessed because we bless.

So let’s reflect on “mobilizing the local church”, what does this mean to us? I believe this invitation/challenge is for everyone, not just the CS Leaders. We are all called to be people of influence for Jesus. We all have influence, the question is “are we using it, and how are we using it”? Do we take risks to influence others – especially those sitting in the seat beside us on Sunday

We know that most church goers are not involved in any “outside the 4 walls” ministry.

Can we share with them our experience and invite them to be part of a CS Team?

With the heightened awareness in 2020, I believe that many church participants are ready to act – Why not present them with an invitation and opportunity. Let’s be an intentional part of the process as we wait in anticipation to see how God is raising up His church in 2020!

God Bless you,

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