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Deepening Our Roots

When a plant is transplanted from one location to another, it’s a shock to the plant. It can be difficult for the newly planted plant to adjust to its new environment, oftentimes wilting, or even dying from the shock. As God calls our ministry through times of transition, we are reminded of a vital piece of transition: the root system. A plant with healthy strong roots that reach deep into the rich soil, will always fair better during transition than a plant with shallow roots. We also need to deepen our roots, in order to be fruitful in ministry, so that we will not be like the fig tree in Mark, withered at the roots and devoid of fruit.

This time for Connecting Streams continues to be a time of transition as we look to fill additional roles within our team, and expand our structure to better serve the Kingdom purpose that God has laid before us. We have seen some friends leave over the summer as part of their own transitions, while God is bringing new workers for the harvest (Anne McGregor and Dan Byrne in Ottawa, Cathy Moore in Calgary). We are so thankful for those that have said, “Yes!” to the Lord’s call on their hearts.

I am reminded of a quote I heard recently at CRU 19, “Leaders don’t make decisions, they follow direction in the Kingdom”. Part of that direction for Connecting Streams, P2C and our organization globally, is to abide in the Lord in prayer, and to listen to His heart.  We are reminded to simply pause and rest in Him, not to strive and over-extend ourselves. Our upcoming Worldwide Day of Prayer, on October 1st, will be a moment for our organization to take a global pause in line with this year’s theme: Selah.

As we enter into a new season of ministry this fall, many having just returned from times of rest and sabbatical, we look ahead to His Kingdom direction. Thank you for your continued prayers and support, and we pray that your roots will also be strengthened and deepened, as you abide in the Lord in prayer.

Donna Mitchell – National Director

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