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Healing in Prison

For the past several months we’ve been going through the Alpha course at a prison in Edmonton, meeting in a small program room just off the main area. The level of engagement with the guys is incredible — approximately one third of the unit comes out to watch the videos and join in the discussion.

On Easter Sunday we watched the video about healing, all the guys were watching intently. We had a great discussion and talked about how God still heals and then asked if anyone would like prayer for healing. Several of the guys asked if they could be prayed over.

The group gathered around those wanting prayer — we prayed for several ailments and addictions. It was an amazing sight to see how all the inmates gathered around and placed their hands on those receiving prayer. I was actually overwhelmed to see all these hands covered in gang and jailhouse tattoos, reaching out to touch their brothers in prayer. Wow, what a sight!

The last man to receive prayer for healing had issues with his feet being in constant pain. He had trouble walking and standing. We prayed a short, simple prayer for him and when we were done, one of the other inmates got down on his knees and placed his hands on his fellow inmates feet as if to bless them. It was a really profound moment!

We continued on with our discussion and were finishing up our meeting for the day when the man with foot pain spoke up and said “Since you prayed for me, my feet don’t have anymore pain! I felt them tingling when we were praying and now the pain is gone!” Everyone was pretty excited and gave thanks to God!

It was so incredible to witness Christ’s healing power at work on Easter Sunday with those who are in prison!

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