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Grandpa’s Knife


I worked out at Camp Nakamun one summer, a kid’s camp about an hour North of Edmonton. I normally served as a part of the Activities staff, but one week in August I joined in with a wilderness survival adventure to the North shore of the lake. I went along as a mother figure for the group of boys who were in grades 4-6.

The boys greatly enjoyed the week as they learned how to make lean-to’s, how to start a fire, knife whittling, and much more.

On the last day as we were getting ready to take the barge back across the lake, a couple boys were hanging out on the dock down by the water. The boys were permitted to bring their own camping knives for the week, and one boy in particular brought a knife that his grandfather had given him.

As myself and the other leaders were packing up supplies just up the hill, we heard a commotion erupt. We soon found out that the one boy had dropped his grandfather’s knife into the murky water. The boys were frantically trying reach down into the water to find it, but to no avail they eventually lost hope and gave up.

We knew it would be next to impossible to find that knife in the couple feet of water and reeds it was dropped into. We tried to console the boy and help him to see how he needed to be more careful in the future.

Not too long after, the boys suddenly began cheering.

One kid, Ben, had thought back on the week to when we had talked about trusting God. Ben prayed and asked God to help him find the knife. He stuck his arm down deep into the water and pulled out the knife.


Ben believed, even when it seemed impossible to many, that he could pray and trust God to bring light to this less than dismal situation. I sure didn’t think do that in the moment, I had just given up…

Our God is capable of much more that we know. Whether it’s the big picture or the little details, He’s in control and nothing is impossible for Him.

Emily Lecerf
Connecting Streams
Ministry Representative & Intercessory Coordinator

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